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Tuesday, November 9th at 7:30 pm

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El Dorado Band 

Booster Meeting 9/14/2021 at 7:30pm 

Call to order 

* Meeting called to order at 7:36pm 

President’s Report – Paul Clifford 

* Come out to Monday nights – especially the last hour so you can see the progress the  students are making. 

* Receiving items in now, will be distributed soon – need to make sure expenses are paid  for before delivery. 

* Still in need of volunteer for Drumline liaison – works with staff to order items and  assist the program. 

* Tim Knight has volunteered to be the photography coordinator – thank you. * Penny wars brought in a little over $1,600 – Colorguard was the winner. 

Secretary Report – Celeste Staggs 

* Minutes were posted on website and sent out in the land of band. 

* Jill (unknown) made motion to approve minutes from last month, Reese (unknown)  seconded. No discussion. Minutes were approved. 

Treasurer Report – Tara Goodness 

* Money in little over $22k by end of August and expenses were about $18k * Need to continue to get fair share expenses in – September is huge expense month, so  really need to continue to get those payments in. 

Discussion: How much did we make on Savers Answer: Dropoff is September 25,  don’t have last year’s numbers available right now. 

Celeste Staggs made motion to accept the treasurers report, as presented, Maria  O’Connell seconded. No discussion, Approved. 

5K Report – Andy Shomph 

* Next Virtual 5K Fundraiser “And the Beat Goes on Two” coming up December 5-12.  Last one made about $9,000. 

* Cost is same $40.00 but there is early bird registration for $35 until the end of the  month. 

* Need sponsors for T-Shirts ($100 each), need people to set up ordering shirts and  medals etc., need distribution people as well. 

* Had 229 entrants last year, looking for double that for this year. 

* If you have any questions, e-mail Andy through his e-mail on LOB. * You can sign up through the website for the run, team signups, etc. The registration fee  goes to Band, the convenience fee goes to the company. 

Ways and Means – Cindy Okamoto 

* Savers donations have been going really well – 2/3 full. Trailer will be there this last  weekend for drop-offs. 

* Looking for volunteers on Saturday September 25 at 11am to help unload at Savers for a  couple hours (reach out to Cindy for more info)

* Looking for volunteers to help with halftime raffle – sells during first half, then raffle  drawing at halftime. Three home games coming up. 

* Looking for gift card donations if you have any for the halftime raffle. * Starting tomorrow, we are opening spirit wear sales. You have until September 30 to  place orders. Trucker hats, drawstring bags, car decals, shirt options, etc. * Look for Spirit Wear information and contact Cindy if you have any questions. 

Uniforms – Jacinda Blomquist 

* Not Present 

Men in Black – Thomas Judd 

* Pulling trailers on Monday nights. This week and next week there isn’t much. After  that point, there will be more equipment going and will need more help. 

* For shows – we need 20-25 people to help with props ~ please contact Thomas to get on  the list to help. 

* Hawk 3 has been wrapped, excited to show off the new trailer. 

Student Food – Kim Galli and Jill Rodgers 

* Nothing to report yet. 

Director’s Report – Eric Samson 

* Kids have been amazing and upper-class leadership has really helped. * Our drill writer lives in California and will be coming out to help us (which is rare). * Almost done with first movement. 

* We are marching in the Placentia Parade October 9th 

* October 16th – if they are taking the PSAT, that’s perfectly fine. We will just get by that  day and get ready for the first competition that night. It will be tricky because it will be  our first run. 

* Please don’t park in front of the school for pickup after events – that is where the busses  park to offload kids and equipment. Park in teacher lot or by band gate. They have a lot  to offload and you may be stuck there for a while. 

* Back to School Night next Wednesday – will talk about class and grades, etc. that night. * Will have more to talk about closer to tournament. But suggest getting to shows early  so you get a good seat. We are typically last to perform and most of the seats are taken. 


* Are we performing at homecoming? Answer: Not at this time, there’s too much going  on to do a pre-game. It may be just pep show in the stands. 

* Game on October 27th? Answer: October 27th is now on the calendar – it is middle  school night. 

* Practice schedule pretty set? Answer: Yes, Monday, Tuesday and Saturdays have all  been scheduled. Unless a section decides to meet on their own another day. * Question on Covid Extracurricular Exclusion? Answer: It’s the Orange County  Department of Health and our hands are tied. Don’t anticipate that changing anytime  soon.

Have been stressing to kids to stay safe. Missing a couple kids doesn’t hurt that much,  but missing 10-20 is an issue. 

Next meeting October 12 at 7:30pm 

Adjournment – Paul Clifford 

* Meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm

Booster Meetings are typically held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm

2021-22 School Year

  • August 17
  • September 14
  • October 12
  • November 9
  • December 14
  • January 11
  • February 8
  • March 8
  • April 12
  • May 10

(no meetings June and July)

 This program would not be successful without the wonderful parent volunteers who make up our booster organization. 

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