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Student Appearance – Band Uniform Guidelines

One of the areas the band is judged on is “uniform” appearance.  This goes beyond the actual uniform that the students wear.  The goal is for all students to essentially look the same.  

In that vein, here are some guidelines that band students should be checking before they leave the house on Saturday:


Long hair should be arranged in a tight bun on top of the head, not at the back of the head.  The bun needs to fit under the student’s hat with no hair coming back down out of the hat.

Medium length hair (which is any hair that will hit the student’s band uniform collar when their head is tipped back) should be put in a “do-rag” type cap.  The cap should be black, thin, form-fitting nylon that sits tight against the student’s head, with their hair piled as high up on top of the head as possible, so their hat fits comfortably.  These caps are often available at the 99 Cent store.

Short hair may be left alone as long as it is cut above collar height.

Other Uniform Appearance Guidelines

All makeup must be removed
All fingernail polish must be removed
All jewelry must be removed
All facial hair must be shaved, including side burns 

Please also be sure that undergarments are white – we have had colored undergarments bleed through to uniforms with heavy sweating before, and we’d really like to preserve these new uniforms from those types of stains!

And parents please make sure your students have long, black (not grey or faded cotton) socks for all performances.  

Let’s all have fun out there, and GO HAWKS!!!

El Dorado High School

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