Jazz Bands

Irvine Jazz Festival

The Jazz Program had a great day at the Irvine Jazz Festival. We had 5 groups perform throughout day. All 5 groups received Superior Ratings! We received many great compliments from adjudicators and clinicians.  Thank you to all of the parents who came to watch the bands perform!

Jazz Scoreboard

Jazz 1 – Superior Rating, 7th place Heavy Division
Jazz 2 – Superior Rating, 4th place Advanced Division
Jazz 3 – Superior Rating, 1st place Intermediate Division
Combo 1 – Superior Rating, 7th place Intermediate Combo
Combo 2 – Superior Rating, 6th place Intermediate Combo

Special Recognition
Jazz 1 – Most Outstanding Sax Section, Heavy Division
Jazz 3 – Most Outstanding Rhythm Section, Novice Division

The following students were recognized with
“Outstanding Musicianship” certificates:

Sean Beckman
Matt Sullivan
Brandon Ofenstein
Max Gomes
Ashley Alvarez
Giselle Hernandez
Jessica Clark
Iris Lu
Chris Frobenius
Evan Moh
Joseph Jaime
Chris Parks
Maddie King

Next Up:
April 19, Visit from the Wolongong Conservatory of Music
The WCM is from Australia and will be stopping by El Dorado to hang out with our jazz program. We will perform for each other after school, have some pizza, then have a combo jam.



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