Drumline / Percussion

CONGRATULATIONS DRUMLINE – Your hard work has paid off and you are on your way to finals.  You have accomplished what you set out to do.  Enjoy this week’s practices and Saturday’s finals knowing this is all “icing on the cake”.  You have had a wonderful season.  Be proud.  We are!!

This week’s practices:

Monday – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Pit and Battery)

Wednesday – 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm (Battery and Visual)

Friday – 3:00 – 7:00 (Everyone:  Pit, Battery Visual)**

** Friday’s rehearsal will actually be an open-house rehearsal at one point.  A flyer is attached.  Family and friends are welcome to attend at 5:30 and beyond with a full dress-rehearsal at 6:00.  This will be in the gym.


Open-House Dress Rehearsal

Friday, the second-half of practice will be an open-house rehearsal with full viewing / seating for family, friends, classmates and future EDHS band members (middle school students are being invited.)  This is a free event.   If you have family or friends who have not yet seen the show, now would be the time to invite them.  There will be some time after the full dress run-through to chit-chat and hang out and discuss the program.  We will be asking for some donations of cookies and baked goods and drinks to have available at some tables outside the gym after the performance, as well as for some parents to be available to talk with any incoming students who may have questions about the program.

Saturday’s Finals

We realize everyone is wanting to know “What’s Happening for Finals?”  Attached is a tentative schedule for Saturday.  We’ll let you know when it’s finalized.  (Please note:  I do realize there is a schedule posted online that shows us in a slightly different time slot (10 minutes later).  In checking with Darren, at this point, he has us noted for the current schedule.  We will let you know if it changes.  —  It will be a long day.  Call time is 8:00 am and trailers won’t be unloaded until around 11:15 pm.  The file containing layouts of the venue have been attached.  A few additional items of interest:


From what I have read, there are basically two types of tickets:  reserved seating and general seating.  
  —  Reserved seats are those that are in the main viewing area – these face the front of the show.  These cost $28 – $48  (plus $14 per ticket ticketmaster fee).  These can be purchased online by choosing “buy tickets” from the website:  https://www.cbbankarena.com/events/detail/scpa-championships-2

—  general admission are those that are sold the day of the event at the arena.  I have not confirmed the price of those tickets, but gather they would be at least $25-$30.  Since they are purchased on the day of the event at the arena, there are no ticketmaster charges.  These seats would be located on the side / back of the main viewing area.


Once again, we will need drivers to get the students to and from the event.  I will submit one more sign-up genius.  Please let us know if you can drive and how many students you can take.  If you are driving any student – even if it is just your own – please make note of it.  We just need to make sure we have enough spaces to get every student to and from the event.


Saturday will be a long day.  Please make sure you / your student has a good breakfast before coming to school at 8:00.  Students will have time to grab a late-morning snack around 10:00 or 10:30, but will not have another opportunity to eat until 2:30 (after the performance).  Then, we don’t leave until 10:30.  I’m sure everyone will be hungry again in there somewhere.  —  In regard to the afternoon (2:30 pm) meal, we have some options.  We will continue to provide the basic snacks (bananas, apples, cuties, cookies, drinks….)  If parents are willing to donate any additional lunch items that we can transport and keep warm / cold that we can feed the students at that time, we can have more of a complete meal as well.  We would need parent volunteers to coordinate this, as I will not be able to attend this Saturday’s event.  Please let me know what you think.  We can also have students bring their own main item meals and / or buy food from the arena.  Students may want to plan on buying something from the arena at some point anyway, because it will be such a long day.  —  Per the arena website, the arena food options are:

1.      SABOR SoCal Mexican Grill – a Mexican food concession stand is located at the Northeast corner of the Main Concourse

2.      CiaoNOW! – an Italian pizza/food concession stand is located at the Northwest corner of the Main Concourse

3.      burger!burger! as well as 4th STREET Bbq – two concessions selling a variety of burgers and barbecue (respectively) share the concessions locations along the South wall of the Main Concourse

4.      Big DIGGETY DAWGS – a hot dog concession location is located at the Southeast corner of the Main Concourse


I hope everyone has fun this last week of drumline for this season.  If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please let me know.

Percussion Captain Head:  Darren Vanderpoel

Parent Liaison:  Kristan Beckman

El Dorado High School

1651 Valencia Ave.

Placentia, CA 92870