Band Basics

  • Please download the “Ultimate Dot Book” app.  Dot books will no longer be used. 
  • Instrument
  • LOTS of water
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen

The Uniform Committee will send out information on days they will be measuring students for their uniforms.

It is generally the week leading up to Registration Day.

The Band Marching Uniform consists of a jacket, bib-pants, garment bag, hat and hatbox.  These items will be issued to the student.  The Marching Uniform is the property of El Dorado High School.  It is the responsibility of each student to use care when handling, wearing and storing their issued uniform. 


In addition, you will need to purchase the following.  You will purchase them through the Uniforms Committee.


  • Marching band shoes
  • Band whites: black shorts and black Under Armour band shirt
  • Glove kit – comes with 2 sets of gloves. (Front Ensemble and Non-Parade Drummers are exempt.)

Student Appearance

Hair must be either SHORT ENOUGH to be above the collar of the Marching Uniform or LONG ENOUGH to pull up into the hat.

Facial Hair – Boys must be clean shaven for all performances, including sideburns.



All visible piercings must be removed – they may not be covered up.                  


Though this is NOT mandatory, some students choose to wear an animal onesie after the field show while they wait for the awards. 

Monday Night Rehearsal

Bradford Stadium



All winds and drums: Please wear a white shirt/hoodie/etc. This allows us to see the forms better from the press box as we clean drill.


Please be sure that you charge your phone between school and rehearsal so that you will be able to have access to UDB.


All students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Bradford Stadium.


Field tournaments are Marching Band and Color Guard competitions.  Multiple schools perform their field show and compete with other schools in their division.  They are hosted by another high school’s band.

Call times will vary depending on the time of performance.

Typical schedule

  • Report to band room
  • Change into uniform
  • Practice
  • Load the busses
  • Arrive at competition
  • Unload
  • Eat dinner (when provided)
  • Practice
  • Perform
  • Load busses
  • Gather for the awards
  • Depart for home school
  • Unload busses at school, put instruments away

Uniforms will be picked up from the Band Room.

Please come in your band whites: black shorts and black shirt.

Other items:

  • Black socks
  • Marching band shoes
  • Water
  • Flip folder
  • Instrument

For Color Guard:


Dinner will be provided for most of the field show tournaments.  Students will have the opportunity to eat once they arrive at their destination, and prior to them practicing. 

Food will be provided through donations from parents.  Please be on the lookout for sign-ups in the weekly Land of Band emails.

No, money will not be necessary.  Dinner will be provided for the students through donations from parents.  Students do not need to purchase a ticket for the event, and there is nothing else they would need to purchase.

There are many opportunities for parents and guardians to help with the program.


You can help on the field during the field show with MIB.  Please contact eldomib@gmail.com


Dinner for our students is through donations from our families.  You can also sign up to assist with serving dinner and/or with set-up and clean-up. Please sign up to donate and/or volunteer.  Look for sign-up requests in the Land of Band.


Each field show tournament is different.  If you can purchase tickets online, Mr. Samson will send out the link in the Land of Band.


Otherwise, tickets are purchased at the entrance.  Ticket prices range from $10-$25 per person.  Please note that some will take cash only.  Details for each tournament will be shared in the Land of Band.


We encourage our families to come out and attend the field show tournaments ready to cheer for our Band and Color Guard members. Please come out with signs and pom poms to cheer them on, but be respectful of others by not blocking anyone’s views or disrupting another school’s performance.

We also respectfully request that you refrain from any negative public comments or judgments on another school’s performance, especially at the field show tournament.  Please be aware that parents from the other schools could be sitting in close proximity to you.  Comments that are not positive can be interpreted disrespectfully, and reflects poorly on our program.  If other school’s supporters want to say negative things about us or another school, then that reflects on them and their program.  Instead, we encourage you to chat with and compliment other band parents about their school’s performance.  We are all just trying to support each other and enjoy each show.  At the end of the day, they are all just band kids trying to perform their show to the best of their ability, and we should be applauding every single performer’s efforts and field show.

We appreciate and thank you for your support.  

These are not mandatory.  They are merely suggestions that parents have found helpful:

  • Stadium chairs – most seating will be bleacher-style
  • Blanket – for the cool nights
  • Be ready to cheer for our Band & Color Guard

Most tournaments will have concession stands for the benefit of the school that is hosting the tournament.  Please support the hosting school if you can.

Field show awards are given by divisions (ie. 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A): 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Divisions are determined by the size of the marching band.  El Dorado is in Division 6A.

However, the grand prize award is called Tournament Sweepstakes.  That is first place overall in the tournament.

Awards are also given for High Music Performance, High Music Effect, High Visual, High Visual Performance, High Percussion, and High Auxiliary (Color Guard).

No.  All students must load back onto the bus and return to El Dorado together.  You can pick up your child from El Dorado High School, even if you attended the tournament.

When picking up your student, PLEASE do NOT park in front of the marquee.  That area is reserved for the busses.  Thank you!