EDHS Fight Song

El Dorado Fight Song

We are El Dorado High School.
We all bleed black and gold.
If you do not know who we are,
Now you have been told!

Let’s Go Hawks!

No school fights like El Dorado.
We’ll stand to the test.
Black! – And Gold!
El Dorado is the best!

E (3 claps) D (3 claps) H (3 claps) S (3 claps)
E (clap) D (clap) H (clap) S (clap)
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Golden Hawks will soar together.
We will stand in unity.
If you try to stand in our way,
We’ll seek victory!

Let’s Go Hawks!

No one can deny our spirit.
Straight from the Hawk’s Nest.
Black! – And Gold!
El Dorado is the Best!