Registration Information

Welcome to the 2023-2024



We are quickly approaching the start of the 2023-2024 season.  Band camp is just a few weeks away.  Prior to band camp, we need all families to complete Family ID and the Fall 2023 Band Registration form: Fall 2023 Registration and Uniform Orders


Please note: it is VERY important that you provide us with any medical or food allergies in this link. 

This information will be shared only with the Food Committee as they will be organizing the food for our field shows.


***There is a LOT of information, but please take the time to read through everything so you know exactly what you need to do to complete Registration.***


Completing Family ID is a separate process from Aeries.  More details and instructions are listed below. The Band Registration form is to collect information for the band boosters. If you fill this out prior to Registration Day, this will allow the band registration process to be completed quicker and smoother. 


1. Register on FamilyID


2.  Drop off original Physical, and a copy of the front/back of your insurance card to the school office


3.  Fill out Band Registration Form


4.  Get fitted for your Uniform


5.  Purchase any additional Uniform items (gloves, shoes, etc)


6.  Print and sign 2 documents (Constitution & Communication Agreement and Uniforms Agreement) & turn in.


7.  Participation Contribution: Band Camp & Transportation

***FamilyID registration is now open for the 2023/24 school year!***


The initial registration takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  

It is recommended you register from a computer instead of your phone.


Please take notice that the FamilyID registration is not something the student can do and MUST be completed by the parent/guardian. 


There are a lot of important documents that you must read and sign off on. 


Returning students: You do NOT need to create a new account on FamilyID. Just log into your account and renew the information.


If you have a child who is also in a sport, then you only have to register once, and click on all the activities that your child is participating in. 


Make sure to click on Band or Color Guard.




Here is the link to complete the registration:




Steps to Follow

On FamilyID, scroll to the bottom and click on Create Account or Log In.


DO NOT CLICK ON SUMMER CAMP – band camp does not fall under Summer Camp.

Physical & Insurance Card


After you are done with the registration on FamilyID, you must submit a Sports Physical, and a copy of the front & back of your insurance card.


Here is a blank physical form for you to use: PHYSICAL


It is very important that your student’s physician or physician’s assistant signs off on the medical clearance or you will have to take it back to them.




*Please drop off the original physical to the school office. Do not give to a teacher or band booster.


**You can email a copy of the front/back of the insurance card to Athletic Director Ray Elliott at or drop off a copy to the school office.


In order to participate in Band Camp, it is important to have this completed no later than Saturday, August 12. 


Per CIF and School District Policies, every athlete needs to be cleared in order to participate in a sport or a band program.


PLEASE NOTE: Any fees or payments will need to be made to the Band Boosters directly. Do not use the payment option in FamilyID as it is not currently functional.


If someone needs assistance with Spanish translation, please email us at 



Additional Documents

In addition, there are 2 other documents that we need that pertains specifically to our program.  Please click on the red underlined links below to access the documents. 


1. Communication & Constitution Agreement

This is the Constitution of the program, please review and then sign the Agreement portion. 


We have numerous methods of communication with you, and it is outlined in the agreement so you know how information is going to be shared. 


Please sign the agreement and return. 


2. Uniforms Agreement


This outlines the uniform requirements along with the standards of appearance for the field shows. 


You will be responsible for taking care of your uniform.