2021-2022 Registration and Fair Share Information

We will have an in-person registration day, Saturday, August 14th.  Please make sure that you read over all of the attached documents, and fill in and sign all of the forms that need to be turned in.  We have an additional COVID-19 form this year AND a Uniform Agreement updated from last week’s email.
Remember, keep a copy of all of your forms for yourself.

Seniors: 8:00am – 9:30am
Juniors: 9:30am – 11:00am
Sophomores: 11:30am – 1:00pm
Freshmen: 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Please come during your specified time to turn in your registration forms. 
***Correction: we will have uniform measurements done.  Uniform fittings will take place during band camp.***

Make-Up Registration Day is Monday, August 16th.

Men/Moms in Black (MIB) Opportunities

Cage Clean Out
We are looking for some volunteers to help Clean and Re-Organize our Band/Drama Cage.

Saturday, August 7th
Starting at 8:00am until we are done
***Bring some work gloves.***

Please send an email to Tom Judd at eldomib@gmail.com so we can get a head count

Wash/Wax the Trailers
Please come by and help put some elbow grease into Washing and Waxing our 3 Band Trailers.
Saturday, August 14th
8:00am – 12:00pm

***If you have a ladder or long scrub brush and can bring them, it will help us get the tops clean.***
We want to look good when we show up at our First Competition. 
Please send an email to Tom Judd at eldomib@gmail.com so we can get a head count
The Men & Moms in Black are looking to recruit some parents to help out our amazing band students.
Whatever you can do, we are happy to have you. 

If you have a full size truck and some time to help transport our Trailers, Our Tow and Transport team could use you.

If you just want to feel the excitement the kids are feeling, we can use you on the field for competition days.

If you have some time to help build, paint, assemble the props and set pieces that our Creative group comes up with, we can fill that time for you.

The MIB team works because of the supportive parents who make it happen.

If you have more questions or want to help out, please email Tom Judd at eldomib@gmail.com with your Availability, Interest and Shirt Size. 


Registration Forms

Below you will find the forms and documents needed for registration. Please make note of which forms are just for reading and which ones are to be completed and turned in.  Click on the blue lettered links to get to the documents. 

We had a revision to the Uniform Agreement below.  It is updated with the cost of the show shirt ($15) and the polo ($35).  We are grateful to our vendors for keeping the same cost as previous years.

1.  Welcome to the El Dorado Band and Color Guard Letter– Please read. You don’t need to print out and turn in.
2.  Band Camp Schedule– Please read and keep.
3.  Getting to Know Your Packet– This page will guide you through filling out your forms. You don’t need to print it out or turn it in.
4.  District Registration Forms– Print out, complete, and sign each page to be turned in.  The DMV form needs to be filled out by everyone this year, since we don’t know what the bussing situation will be like. (5 pages)
5.  Athletic Physical Form with Copy of Insurance Card (back and front)- If you haven’t already gotten your physical done, please print this form out and return it completed as soon as you are able to get an appointment. (1 page – physical and 1 page Insurance Card)
6.  Band Constitution– Please read. This document gives details on how the EDHS Band and Color Guard is organized and runs. Do not turn this in with reg. packet. 
7.  Band Communication– Please read.  This document explains the different ways the Band Director and Booster Board will communicate with families. Do not turn in with reg. packet.
8.  Constitution and Communication Agreement Signature Form– Please sign and date this form after reading the Band Constitution and Communication documents above, then print it out to be turned in with the rest of the registration forms.(1 page)
9.  Uniform Agreement – Fill out and turn in. (1 page) – REVISED with costs for show shirt & polo
10. Athletics COVID-19 Shared Responsibility Commitment– Please print, sign and turn in with registration forms.
11.  Double Check your packet – Use to make sure all forms are filled out correctly and keep. Don’t turn in.

Registration forms will also be available on the El Dorado Band Website:www.eldoradoband.com. Bookmark the site for continued easy reference!


Most Common Missing Items/Mistakes in Registration Paperwork

  • Missing copy of insurance card- front and back
  • Not circling t-shirt size for show shirt on the Uniform Agreement
  • Do you want your student to ride on the bus? Then check the “District Bus” box AND the Commercial Charter box on the Parent Permission form.  (Jazz Band, Color Guard and Winter Drumline Students should also check the box “Private Auto Driven by Parent”.)

If you have any questions about registration, please contact me, Elaine Cheng, at vpres@eldoradoband.com.

2021 Fair Share


Transportation: $100
The transportation fee must be paid for student to be granted entry onto the bus for the first football game on Friday, August 20___________________________________________________________________

Fair Share Payment Options
We know it can be difficult at the beginning of the year to cover expenses, so here are 3 examples of how you can organize your payments to enable you to pay your Fair Share in the method most convenient for your family. 
● Plan 1 – Payment in full by, August 14th.
● Plan 2 – 50%  by August 14th,  and the remaining 50% by Sept. 1st.
● Plan 3 – 25% by Aug. 14th,  25% by Sept. 1st, and 25% by Oct. 1st, and the remaining 25% by Nov 1st.

Again, these are just suggestions that can help keep your payments organized.

If you need different arrangements or have questions about your band finances,  please contact our Finance Secretary, Ken Ostaszewski at finance@eldoradoband.com.

There are 3 ways to pay your Fair Share:

Venmo– @ElDorado-BandBoosters

PayPal– El Dorado High School Band Boosters, Inc.
Go to  http://www.eldoradoband.com/paypal to make a payment through PayPal. There is a fee.


Mail a check, or pay on Registration Day–  Make checks out to: El Dorado Band Boosters, include your student’s name and that the check is for Fair Share, and mail it to:
El Dorado Band Boosters
P.O. Box 643, Placentia, CA 92871

Your checks can also be dropped into the Black Box located near the entrance inside the Band room.
Don’t forget, your Fair Share Participation Contributions are Tax Deductible!  The Treasurer (treas@eldoradoband.com) can provide tax donation letters at the end of the year, if requested.  And if any of your employers offer charitable donation matching, we also qualify for those programs and would appreciate any corporate donations!
Remember, if you have any questions regarding registration, don’t hesitate to contact me at 
Thank you,
Elaine Chen

**Need assistance paying your child’s Fair Share? Please be on the look out for our fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

El Dorado High School

1651 Valencia Ave.

Placentia, CA 92870