Results – Field Tournaments

SCSBOA 6A Championships
Overall Band: 94.5, 2nd Place
Percussion: 93.25, 4th Place
Color Guard: 93.25, 2nd Place
High Visual Performance

Southwest Regional Field Tournament
Overall Band: 91.65, Field Tournament Sweepstakes
Percussion: 86.25, 5th place Overall (18 groups)
Color Guard: 91.0, 1st Place, Class 6A
High Music Performance and High Visual Performance Awards

Duarte Field Tournament
Overall Band: 90.4, Field Tournament Sweepstakes
Percussion: 87.55, 2nd place Overall (15 groups)
Color Guard: 89.5, 2nd place Overall (15 groups)
High Music Performance, High Visual Effect and High Visual Performance Awards

Mira Mesa Field Tournament
Overall Band: 89.05, Field Tournament Sweepstakes
Color Guard: 85.0, 2nd place, Class 6A
Percussion: 85.25, First Place, Class 6A
Caption Awards: High Music and High Visual Awards

Chaffey Field Tournament
Overall Band: 81.10, First Place, 6A Class
Color Guard: 80.5, First Place
Percussion: 78.5, 2nd Place
Caption Awards: High Visual Performance, High Music Effect

Valencia Field Tournament
Overall Band: 80.15, Tournament Championships
Color Guard: 78.5, Auxiliary Sweepstakes
Percussion: 77.25, Percussion Sweepstakes
Caption Awards: High Visual Performance, High Visual Effect
High Music Performance, High Music Effect

El Dorado High School

1651 Valencia Ave.

Placentia, CA 92870