Men In Black Info.

Q. What is the MIB?

A. Sorry, that’s top secret.

Q. Seriously?

A. OK. The “Men In Black” is the name of the transportation committee of the El Dorado Band and Color Guard Boosters. We are responsible for transporting all equipment, instruments, uniforms, etc. to all band and color guard events.

Q. What does the MIB uniform consists of?

A. Black shoes (and socks), typically tennis shoes but any good walking shoe is fine since we cover a lot of ground.

· Black pants (shorts are OK for the day or a home field event).

· Black MIB shirt (white “day” El Dorado Band & Color Guard is fine for a day time event like a parade) (a long sleeve black T-shirt is great to bring to an evening event and may be worn under your MIB shirt)

· Black MIB hat

· Black booster jacket, optional (but a must have for those cool evenings)

· Black gloves are optional

Q. When do I wear my uniform?

A. When ever the kids are in uniform we should be in uniform. Typically whenever there is a performance we are in uniform. On occasion the kids will be in there “show shirts” for a performance in that case we are in uniform. No uniform is necessary for practice.

Q. When will my MIB shirt and hat be issued?

A. MIB shirt and hat will be issued at the 1st event. Make sure to let us know what size you need.

Q. Do I get a new MIB Hat and Shirt every year?

A. No, the hat and shirt will only be replaced if it is worn out.

Q. Do I need to order my own jacket or will one be provide to me?

A. You will need to order your own jacket. You should do this soon so you can have it for the season, they are very nice, you will enjoy them.

Q. Is there any other optional equipment I may want as a MIB?

A. Some of us have found it beneficial to carry a small multi-tool and flash light on our belts with black and white electrical tape in our pockets for all of those unexpected MIB things that come up at an event and practice.

Q. What is our call time on performance day?

A. The MIB call time is the same as the kids. If we need to be there earlier you will be notified.

Q. Where do we meet for a Saturday/Sunday performance?

A. At the basketball courts to load the trailers.

Q. Where do I park for a Saturday/Sunday performance?

A. Please park in the main lot as there is no parking allowed on the basketball courts.

Q. How do I get to a Saturday/Sunday performance?

A. You are responsible for your own transportation to the event. There are typically 3 or 4 tow vehicles that “follow the buses” and will park with the busses in a separate lot at the event. There is limited seating in these vehicles for MIB. Carpooling with other MIB is advisable to get to the events. Please try and arrange this before as spouses and siblings need to be considered also.

Q. Do I need to spend the entire Saturday/Sunday with the band?

A. No, your help is always welcome and greatly appreciated if you would like to spend the day with us. It is a lot of fun but can also be very fast paced.

Q. Can I help with just the field show?

A. Absolutely, Please meet up the MIB 1-1/2 hours before the performance “at the trailers” in a separate parking lot.

Q. Will there be a performance “rain or shine”?

A. As far as the weather goes, we will consider that the “show will go on” until we are told differently. If we are at a performance and weather conditions are unfavorable we may be in a “wait and see” situation. In that case we will adjust the conditions for that day, hour, minute etc.

With that being said, in the event of a performance being cancelled (before we leave school) that is the band director’s call. On a last minute cancellation (including Monday nights) he will typically contact the Drum Major, who contacts the section leaders, who contacts the section members, who will hopefully let their parents know.

Q. Do I need to attend every event to be in the MIB?

A. No, we understand that everyone can not make it to all of the events. However if you are in the MIB we are counting on you to be at “most of the events”. If you cannot attend an event (not including practice) please let us know so we can make sure your job is covered for that event.

If you have more questions or want to help out, please email Tom Judd at with your Availability, Interest and Shirt Size. 

Please keep your questions, comments and suggestions coming so we can continue to improve our program.