Field Tournament Schedule and Results

UP NEXT October 29, 2022 Glen A Wilson Field Tournament (Hacienda Heights)


October 15, 2022 Valencia Classic Field Tournament (Placentia)

Weekend Scoreboard
Overall Band Score – 79.1
Auxiliary (Color Guard) – 79.0
Percussion – 76.5
Awards Recap
Tournament Sweepstakes Award
(top overall band score of the day)
Auxiliary Sweepstakes
(top Color Guard score of the day)
Percussion 1st place
(2nd highest score behind Sweepstakes winner)


November 5, 2022 BOA SoCal Regional or Mira Mesa FT

November 10, 2022 South Hills Field Tournament (West Covina)

November 12, 2022 Ramona Field Tournament (Riverside)

November 19, 2022 SCSBOA 6A Championships *pending qualification*

PAST RESULTS 2021 Tournament Season

November 20, 2021 SCSBOA Championships
3rd place Overall – 93.93, Bronze Medal
4th place Percussion – 91.0
2nd place Color Guard – 94.0
High Visual Score – 189.0

Previous 2021 Field Tournament Results

October 16, 2021 Valencia Field Tournament (Placentia)

Tournament Band Sweepstakes Award, 73.13

High Scores in all Captions: Music Performance, General Effect, and Visual Performance

Color Guard (Auxiliary) – 1st Place, 74.0

Percussion – 1st Place, 75.0


October 30, 2021 Irvine Field Tournament (Irvine)

Tournament Band Sweepstakes – 86.3

High Visual, Music, and General Effect Award

Auxiliary Sweepstakes Award – 84.5

Percussion Sweepstakes Award – 82.0


November 6, 2021 Mira Mesa Field Tournament (San Diego)

Auxiliary Sweepstakes Award – 90.0

Percussion Sweepstakes Award – 81.5

1st Place Class 6A – 88.16

High General Effect Award


November 13, 2021 Ramona Field Tournament (Riverside)

Past Results

2019 SCSBOA 2nd Place Silver Medalist

Field Tournaments 2019

SCSBOA 6A Championships
Overall Band: 94.5, 2nd Place
Percussion: 93.25, 4th Place
Color Guard: 93.25, 2nd Place
High Visual Performance

Southwest Regional Field Tournament
Overall Band: 91.65, Field Tournament Sweepstakes
Percussion: 86.25, 5th place Overall (18 groups)
Color Guard: 91.0, 1st Place, Class 6A
High Music Performance and High Visual Performance Awards

Duarte Field Tournament
Overall Band: 90.4, Field Tournament Sweepstakes
Percussion: 87.55, 2nd place Overall (15 groups)
Color Guard: 89.5, 2nd place Overall (15 groups)
High Music Performance, High Visual Effect and High Visual Performance Awards

Mira Mesa Field Tournament
Overall Band: 89.05, Field Tournament Sweepstakes
Color Guard: 85.0, 2nd place, Class 6A
Percussion: 85.25, First Place, Class 6A
Caption Awards: High Music and High Visual Awards

Chaffey Field Tournament
Overall Band: 81.10, First Place, 6A Class
Color Guard: 80.5, First Place
Percussion: 78.5, 2nd Place
Caption Awards: High Visual Performance, High Music Effect

Valencia Field Tournament
Overall Band: 80.15, Tournament Championships
Color Guard: 78.5, Auxiliary Sweepstakes
Percussion: 77.25, Percussion Sweepstakes
Caption Awards: High Visual Performance, High Visual Effect
High Music Performance, High Music Effect